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Variable Cost, Sales Outsourcing with Mercury Leads

Is your sales force under-performing, or maybe they need some external competition?? Maybe you don't have a salesforce or need additional talent.  Can your product or service be sold over the phone? Would you like a 3-5x Return on your investment? Before you go through the difficulty and expense of hiring, consider sales outsourcingMercury Leads can help move your Business Development goals in the right direction with our B2B sales outsourcing services. Consider these Business Development advantages that Mercury Leads encompasses:

Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing

  • Hunters not Gatherers - Mercury Leads, hires, trains, and manages talented sales closers.
  • Expertise - Mercury Leads specializes in making complex sales.  Many Mercury Leads customers have a highly complex, lengthy sales cycle as well as high ticket sales.
  • Accountable - We manage the entire prospect lifecycle from initial prospect contact through customer retention.
  • Variable Expense - You don't incur costs of expensive sales talent and HR Costs, Mercury even provides Sales Management.
  • Sales Leads - we are fully committed when closing sales.  We conduct full webinars, product demonstrations, and set appointments to fit your schedule.
  • Nurturing - We know how to nurture b2b sales leads using intelligent dialog and drip marketing campaigns to keep your company "top of mind"!

Sales Outsourcing is an effective and powerful channel for following up on leads from other channels, or as a business development tactic on its own.



“We have found a true partner in Mercury Leads for our B2B lead generation. Our solution is complex and has a long sales cycle with the decision being made in the C-Suite. Mercury continues to engage and motivate these prospects using a combination of telemarketing and online tactics that gets us in the door and help us drive our deal flow.”
Thomas SchumerFounderSure Decisions

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