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Mercury Leads is a sales outsourcing company whose sole focus is delivering your company high-quality, actionable sales leads, whether we're bringing your existing sales team fresh sales leads or we're on point selling your products or services.

At Mercury Leads, our mission is clear, and our strategy is simple. Understand your product and market. Determine your ideal prospect. Develop a custom sales lead generation plan using a powerful mix of channels. Then execute, test, measure, refine and repeat.

Our extensive experience in lead generation has allowed us to develop the process, technologies and talent to deliver your company fast, qualified sales or sales leads that result in superior ROI.

Check out these results:

  • • 18.5% Conversion Rate
  • • $400,000 in Purchase Orders in one Quarter
  • • 312% Lift in Conversions
  • • 4.8% Appointment rate with 18.5% for Future Cultivation

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Singular Focus. Real leads, Real Results, Real Revenue.

Learn How Mercury Leads Creates
3-5x ROI On Business Development Investments!

Outperforming In House Business Development

With Mercury Leads you get a team of sales professionals working daily on your sales goals. We're diligent and accountable and consistently outperform in house business development units. Watch this informative video on our unique sales lead generation capabilities.

The Role of Lead Nurturing and Complex Sales

Mercury Leads, specializes in selling to the C-Suite, and nurturing relationships for clients with complex products, long sales cycles and high ticket revenue. Find out how Mercury Leads can help your organization with a no obligation web demo!

Motivating Content Creation Leads to High Rankings & Conversions

With Mercury Leads content has to convert as well as our sales people. We're able to gain signficant lift which means more high quality sales leads, a larger sales pipeline and deal flow. See our marketing portfolio page